Why can’t I activate my Roku device?

As it is most important to activate the Roku device to access your favorite content you may also face many issues while performing the activation process. These problems may occur due to many reasons and due to the lack of information people got panic. In this post, we will share the complete process of the activation Roku device. If you follow then you will never face any problems while activation.

Common issues people face

The following are some common issues due to which you will not be able to activate the Roku device:

  • Unstable or poor network connection
  • Roku activation code is expired
  • Roku account is not working
  • Forget username and password of Roku account
  • Roku device is not showing the activation code.
  • And more.

The only solution to these problems is the right activation process.

Steps to activate the Roku device

Before heading to the Roku device activation process you need to create a Roku account at roku.com. Then follow the below-mentioned activation process to set up your Rokku device error-free:

  • Turn on your Roku device and connect it with the TV screen
  • On the welcome screen connect the device with the internet connection
  • After that select the language and click on the “Continue” button
  • Further, you will see an activation code on the screen
  • If the activation code will not prompt directly on the home screen then go to the “Settings” option and click on the “Sign in” or “Register” button
  • Now save the activation code for future use.
  • Then on a computer or mobile web browser visit roku.com/link
  • Here enter the login credentials of the Roku and then reach the activation page
  • At the activation, page enter the activation page and click on the “Ok” button
  • A success message will appear and then refresh the Roku device.
  • Now you can add your favorite channels to watch your favorite shows.
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