How to set up the Roku Ultra – Model 4640

First, fine and available HDMI input on your TV. Be sure to notice which input you choose so you can also turn your TV to the same source, one end of the HDMI cable goes into an HDMI input on your TV, and the other end goes into the Roku player like this on your TV remote. Look for the button labeled input or source or something similar. And be sure to toggle to the same HDMI input, you use to connect your Roku there. Don’t worry, you won’t see anything on screen just yet.

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Now, let’s power up your Roku player and remote one end of the included AC adapter goes into the player, just like this. And the other end into a wall outlet. In a few moments you should see the Roku logo fill the screen. No luck, be sure you’re tuned to the correct input on your TV. Next, insert the included batteries into your remote, a light inside the battery compartment of your remote will start flashing signaling it’s ready to pair. If there’s no light. Try a fresh set of batteries and make sure they are seated firmly in the right direction, your remote should pair automatically.

If it doesn’t, press and hold the pairing button for five seconds until the light starts blinking. One successful Select your language.

Now let’s connect your Roku player to your network. Select your wireless network, and enter your wireless password, and remember your password is case sensitive. When all three checks are green, you’re good to go. If a red X appears at any time for troubleshooting help, go to slash will try and look for I am unable to connect to my wireless network, your Roku player will download the latest software so you get the latest features and channel updates automatically.

After the player has downloaded the latest software. You’ll be prompted to set your display type. Press OK on your remote and your Roku player will automatically determine the best resolution for your TV. If your screen is displaying correctly selects yes screen looks good, then confirm your resolution. Once it’s been set, you’ll see the activation screen showing your link code, which will use online to link your Roku player to your Roku account from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, just use this unique Colin, your Roku player to your Roku account@ already have a Roku account. Just sign in, if not create one now.

Set a PIN code to help prevent any unwanted purchases. You’ll be required to enter a payment method to make it possible to rent or purchase content right from your couch. You will never be charged without your explicit consent. Finally, add some of your favorite channels now so they’ll be ready to stream on your TV, you can always add more later and of course remove and you no longer want, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Continue to complete the activation process on your TV screen, you’ll see your selected channels getting added to your Roku player. This process takes just a few minutes. Now you’re all set and ready to stream.

For more information, such as troubleshooting tips for optimizing your network for seamless streaming and more visit happy streaming.


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